Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Recently, I joined a portfolio prep program to revamp my portfolio for CalArts. I decided to try once more with the help of this program. After some conversations with the instructors there, I realize that my portfolio really was not ready. I currently do not have my portfolio, but I do remember most of my pieces that went in. And I see that my portfolio was very traditional. Maybe much too traditional. I had my life drawings, my animal drawings, my landscapes, and a sketchbook. So maybe I did have everything but I didn't show creativity. I was so set on the gestures and animal drawings that I didn't realize that my portfolio was actually boring in a sense. My portfolio didn't stand out in the end. Even the sketchbook that I submitted consisted of mostly observational drawings.
I remember viewing other people's portfolios; the ones who were accepted into CalArts character animation program and I am beginning to see a trend.
My goal for the next time I apply is to show that I have the ability to be creative, quirky and traditional.
While I am attending the portfolio prep program, I will have the opportunity to explore the themes that I have been keeping on this blog. I'm pretty excited about that. I've been sketching some thumbnails of some concepts that have been shut away in my head.

I realize that I am in a very pivotal point in my life right now. Whether or not Otis chooses to accept me, I don't think I will be attending Otis this year. I will apply to Otis again when I apply to CalArts again so that I have options. But this time, I want to try CalArts again. And if it truly doesn't work out, I would like to attend Otis and major in Digital Media. I wish the process didn't have to take an entire year, but I can wait one more year. I think that either way, it will be good and I will be on my way to an art school.

I am currently on my spring break, but not really. I'm still attending classes at the portfolio program.
But I've had some time to read through the book that I had to buy for my oil painting class.
It's called Oil Painting Secrets from a Master.
This book is filled with notes and pictures from an artist named David Leffel. The author, Linda Cateura, took notes during his painting class while he critiqued and assembled them into this book.
I wanted to share 2 of my favorite things about the book:

The drawing below is by Karl Gnass. I took it from his website gallery because I thought it stood out the most.
Another drawing that shows disembodiment :)
The way the drapery hangs from the head of the figure and is so large is very intriguing.
I remember flipping through his book Spirit of the Pose and I saw another drawing with the same elements.

I'll be working very hard until the next time I apply. It's always a good time to be inspired.
and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(I almost forgot). It's also a good time to bust out the corned beef and cabbage soup.... yum...

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