Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not yet

Today, I found out that CalArts didn't accept me.
During the entire process of waiting, there were a few times where I would breakdown and stress about the rejection letter. There were some days where I would forget that I was still waiting for the letter.
Some days, I would just wonder and think about the school.
But it's over now, and I just have to keep going forward. I am sad and disappointed and I'm a bit ashamed too because I felt like the whole point of starting this blog was to document my success with art school. And now I have to post disappointing results. But I guess even if I was accepted into CalArts, my journey would'nt be over.
And it still isn't. I have one more art school to hear from: Otis.
If I get accepted into Otis, I can gain another year of art until I try again for CalArts.
If not, I will continue taking classes and still try.
I remember that day at CalArts portfolio day when that lady told me that I wasn't ready for CalArts and that I should'nt even try to apply. I took that lady's advice and did all that I could to make sure that I was ready.
My portfolio went through such a makeover and I thought I would have a better chance and I still applied.
But this letter that I just received tells me that I'm not ready.
There is no end to this journey as long as I am an artist. So I'm ready to plow forward again.
I do admit, when I applied back then, things were a bit shaky.
But this time, I have the full support of my family, friends and most importantly myself.

on the other note...
We're starting another still life in oil painting. This time with a limited palette of 6 colors.
I'll be posting again soon on the palette and such... just some information that I want to share.
This one will be challenging, but I'm really glad that I'm heading in a great direction.

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  1. Rejection is tough. But your positive attitude should get you to another level. Keep it up.