Sunday, March 22, 2009


On Friday, I received a call from Otis. The admission counselor left me a message saying that she wanted to talk about my application with me. When I received the message, I thought...I didn't do anything wrong...
if they wanted to reject me why not do so with a letter?
But I called back and turns out, they wanted to accept me as a sophomore. My portfolio and transcript showed that I was ready to jump right into my major :)
I'm really excited and I want to take the offer.
But on the other note, I'm still enrolled in the portfolio program. I still want to make my portfolio stronger because I promised myself that I would apply to CalArts one more time.
I thought about it and I knew that I would regret it if I didn't try again.

This fall, I will be attending Otis and majoring in Digital Media. But at the same time, I will be applying to CalArts. If CalArts decides to not accept me, then I will still be at Otis and already finishing up my sophomore year. In the case that CalArts does accept me, then I have the option of going there as well.
I'm happy about this plan because I don't have to waste another year waiting for CalArts. I will be productive as an artist :)
My parents support my decision. It's time to take out those loans and get to work!

I'm currently working on an illustration piece at the portfolio program right now.
I posted up my thumbnail sketch. Ignore the huge circle in the middle of the drawing.
This was an idea that I had a while ago that I doodled into my sketchbook.
I guess it can be part of my... guy-in-dress-shirt-with-no-head series.
The object covering his head is a wind chime.

I decided to use oil paint for this piece.
So I made another glass palette :)
This palette has a 14" x 14" piece of glass and is a pretty good size.
The other palette that I have is MUCH bigger.
I recommend a 14" x 14" piece of glass. You will be taping the edges of the glass anyway, so what's left is about a 13" x 13" glass palette. Which is still a really good size.

Such a huge change of plans means that I won't be living in Irvine anymore :(
I will miss Irvine.
But I'm looking forward to finally attending art school. I've been spoiled as a part time student :P
It's time to go into art student mode!