Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Morning

For my birthday, my boyfriend decided that he would get me a new art box. Because the one that I currently have is not really an art box.... more like a craft box. The handle is on the lid which makes it look like my art box will fall at any time. And it was 4.99 :P
But I've been wanting a new art box and I got one.
Or more like... a boom box. My boyfriend thought that this behemoth art box would be best for me.
And I thought I would take a few pictures of it before I return it.
Haha... my boyfriend had an inkling and knew that I might want another art box.
So he kept the receipt and we're returning it tomorrow for a more practical art box
It really does crack me up though. As cool as it is, it isn't very practical in the end
I would'nt even be able to fill up all the compartments.

I think I will name this art box Zeus.
My camera is currently dying right now. I was very lucky to get these pictures.
And I've been meaning to take pictures of my most recent work because I've been experimenting a lot
with color and different media.
It's been a lot of fun and puts a whole other twist on figure drawing :)
Maybe next time, I plan on borrowing my parents' camera.

Good bye Zeus.. you really were the life of the party last night.


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  2. What an artist needs is a remote-controlled art box. (An Art-Bot Art-Box. Or A2B2.)One with wheels and servors and a motor. It could follow you to art class, record lectures, present you with the proper pencil (like a golf caddy), guard your table at the library (grrr-arggg), and take on other artists' art boxes to see who reigns supreme....

    hmmm.... I need to get to work on this!

  3. hahaha!
    that is so true. it would be efficient, and convenient.
    plus, we would have the ultimate gesture drawings with all these colors because the art bot would just hand them to us!