Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dance is the hidden language of the soul - Martha Graham

I may be having a crummy drawing week, but I am most certainly having a great dance week.
For as long as I can remember, dance has always been just a hobby and something that I greatly admired.
And taking some dance classes here and there was my way of being involved with it.
It never got serious.
But here I am, dancing 12 hours per week now in preparation for the spring dance concert at Irvine Valley College. I was chosen to be in a work in progress, and wasn't going to be formally shown.
But soon after, I was asked to take the place of another girl in another piece.
A few days later, same thing happened. Today, I attended my first rehearsal for a modern piece. It's fast, it's challenging and it's fun :)
It's my first time being taught by a professional dancer. He is stern, strict and straightforward but does not hesitate to answer questions. I guess I'm really lucky that my jazz teacher saw something in me and recommended me to the choreographers who ended up with people dropping out.
I'm also really glad that I'm doing all that I can with dance before I enter art school.
I know that there are priorities in life, but dance is something that I never want to stop doing.

Anyways... I just had to document this day. It was really great :D

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  1. Sometimes stepping away and doing something active is a nice way to rejuvenate your creative soul. That's so cool you dance too. I wish I could strut like Jabbawockeez or do flips like Quest Crew, but I'll settle with a good ole' back spin into a chair freeze. Hahahaha. Glad you documented this day - because it'll a nice for the archives. Now DANCE!