Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can't draw!

It's only Wednesday, but I couldn't help but notice that I'm having a very weird off week.
Yesterday was my life drawing class, and I wasn't feeling my gestures. I was excited about having life drawing
but I was drawing the model out of proportion.
I was making her legs too short, which I normally don't do.
And at the last session, I tried to do a quick portrait study, but it was terrible.
Usually I'm pretty confident about portrait studies... yesterday was a bit of struggle.
And I struggled in my oil painting class this morning too. We're finally painting a full color still life but from a photo. If all goes well, my painting will turn out something like this:
I was just not feeling this painting either today. I hope I snap out of it soon, I have drawings and paintings to finish!
But on the other note, I finally borrowed my parent's camera to take pictures of my recent work.

We finally finished our limited palette oil painting, and it turned out really well.
I noticed I forgot to fix the shape of the bottle :P But what I really liked about this painting was the drapery.
At first, I was just blocking in the drapery and kind of struggling with it. Then I decided that I would just finish it the next day. But when I came in the next class, I liked the way the drapery looked and I didn't touch it after all. That's always a nice feeling :)
Also, I've been wanting to post up my work from the portfolio program.
The first piece is a still life using graphite and is a work in progress. It's been taking a while but I'm liking the way it's turning out. I'm very comfortable with graphite but I've never done such an extensive still life before :P
I don't know why blogger decided to rotate the next 2 pictures...
but the next few drawings are also from the portfolio program.
I've been having a lot of fun with ballpoint pen.

The one above is a portrait study of the model. I think some of the color needs to be toned down a bit so her nostrils and face don't look like they're glowing. She's supposed to be hugging her knee, but I'll probably get rid of that because it doesn't really matter in the end, it might just end up looking like some strange body part.

The next two were done at a figure drawing workshop in Costa Mesa.
It's a great workshop to go to if you're looking for a small group to draw with.
I've only gone once and we had a great model. It's Monday and Wednesday nights, $15 per session.
I would like to finish this piece, add some more shadow and whatnot.
At first I used green for the face. Which was a bad idea because it made her look like an evil sea queen.
It's a cool idea, but not what I'm going for in this drawing.

The next piece was done on a cut up grocery bag and different pieces of pastel.
I also need to tone down the color because the blue turned out really bright towards the bottom.
Which reminds me of Mystique from X-men...
And my teacher said maybe the glowing nipples aren't such a good idea
Enough blabbering for now.. I need to rest or something.
I hope this weird drawing streak won't last for too long..


  1. Wow! Fantastic work. Drawing pen is really good - you have to commit to your lines and the more you do it, the more confident your line show. That oil painting is magnificent!!

  2. Thanks! the pen is really working out for me :)
    and I love oil painting now!!!