Monday, January 17, 2011

Ahhh! Second Semester!

This is my schedule for second semester.
I'm only taking 8 classes because I'm really really really nervous about student films.
I didn't take any additional classes.
Although... now I'm wondering if I should add one more because of my friend ELYSE!!!!!

Elyse! You are a beast!
I wonder which of my other friends are taking 10 classes..?

She is taking the visual development class that is taught by Lisa Keene.
Which is freakin awesome!!!!
I'll probably sneak around that class once in a while... see what's up :)

This is the last day of winter break!
Second semester is going to be a crazy ride :P


  1. Tammy!! I'm probably going to die. Don't follow in my footsteps! haha.
    I actually think I might drop acting for animators, but still 9 classes + films!! D:>
    I hope we both come out alive.

  2. tammy!! good line up! come by soon... we miss you very much.. also so, chris, scott and kim can take you to bird pick.

  3. mariaa!
    i miss you guys!
    whats bird picking....?