Monday, January 10, 2011

Bad time to get sidetracked...

There's just about a week left of winter vacation, so I'm using this time to start the pre-production of my student film.
I am currently finalizing character designs and planning out a schedule for next semester.
I'm actually really anxious about the film because there's so much to do.
Also, I've decided to animate my film traditionally on paper. First year films are 1 min and 30 sec and they get longer each year.
So I want to animate on paper while I still can!
It's going to be crazy... but I think it will be great. I can't wait to see the finished product :)

But I'm getting sidetracked!
I'm trying to sew and knit and draw. I've been working on some cup cozies so I can use them at school.
So far I've made 2 and I think I should stop there....
But they're fun and environmentally friendly!
Here is the link to the tutorial that I used:

Ok, I'm done with sewing...
but I'm also knitting and trying to finish before school starts :P
It's just a mumbo jumbo of pink right now but the finished product will be excellent.

There's also the mini ninja kit that my boyfriend's brother got me for Christmas.
I hid it somewhere where I can't really see it so I don't work on it.
*Dario: if you're reading this post, you should buy this!*

I've also been thinking about a possible webcomic I can work on in the future.
It will be about me and my boyfriend Jason, who is a zombie. I did some initial sketches back in 2009.
So I've been thinking about it for a while... but I won't be able to start on it until after films.
It will be fun because everything good and bad can happen with a zombie.

There just isn't enough time during the day!


  1. Those cup cozies are so cute!
    Have you heard of adagio teas? They have an option for making your own tea blends. I'm creating some animation inspired ones! I'll bring some tea to school for you and your cup cozies. :D

  2. I've never heard of adagio teas but I'll look it up!
    Animation-inspired tea sounds tastyyyy

    Will we have time to make more cup cozies during second semester??