Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Different Kind of Snowy Owl

I wanted to do a simple painting of a great horned owl in the snow.
But I put in a lot more effort than I expected :P

It's all because of feathers!
I don't know how to paint and color feathers properly without making it look ugly.
So I kept trying and ended up with something that isn't too bad!
This painting is also an iphone wallpaper for my boyfriend.

I'm painting snow already in hopes for cooler weather -_______-

too hot....


  1. Nice Tammy! I like the textures in this.

  2. thanks guys!

    i actually have always had trouble with texture :P
    so i'm trying to experiment with different brushes and stuff!

  3. Your works are amazing! Fun, Fun, Fun. I need to take a couple hours to catch up :)

  4. thanks sophie :)

    and thanks gerald!
    i'm the one who needs to catch up!
    your pastel pieces are always so charming