Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Idea For Second Year Film?

I've been thinking of a story for my second film.
But I kind of fail at storytelling, so for now I did a quick concept sketch.
It's going to be about a boy who falls in love with the spirit/goddess of the beach during sunset.
(For now, I gave the boy the same hair as Sokka from Avatar, but I
definitely want the boy to be from some kind of tribe...)
Mythology has always been interesting to me, so maybe I can make up my own.

This is it for now.... -______-
I'm only thinking about bits and pieces of the film but not the whole thing.
I can't even come up with a proper story, but I'm sure that will come in time.
I hope... :P


  1. I really like this Tammy! I just happen to be watching Avatar RIGHT NOW.

    You should further develop this!!

  2. I REMEMBER this!!! This was your project for black poetry! I love this idea!.... just sayin

  3. I like the idea alot. I cant wait to see you make an animatics for this